The Border Lord / Knight Of Grace - Sophia James

Ordered to marry, Laird Lachlan Kerr thought a betrothal to homely, timid Lady Grace Stanton was hardly worth the trouble of protest. Yet, despite everything, he found there was something about her that was.brave. All his life he had been surrounded by betrayal, and this woman, who believed there was still goodness in him, was special indeed.

Grace knew that the safety of her home depended on her betrothal - signed, sealed and delivered! Lachlan's strength and unexpected care of her were dangerously appealing. She could fall for this man with secrets in his eyes..



    With its engaging, complex characters and complicated situations, James' latest is a powerfully emotional story centering on a physically scarred heroine, an emotionally wounded hero and an unexpected love.
    At 26, Lady Grace Stanton has little hope of marriage until King David decrees she wed Lachlan Kerr
    to complete the alliance that had taken shape when she was betrothed to his deceased brother.

    Lachlan suspects there's more to his brother's death, and that Grace is hiding the truth. Grace's gentle nature masks a wealth of sensuality, and Lachlan is quickly captivated by her. Then the accidents begin. Someone is trying to discredit Grace and, when that fails, she becomes the target of a kidnapper and killer, drawing Lachlan into danger. Only by entering a tourney can they hope to save their lives and their love while uncovering the truth. (HARLEQUIN, May, 300 pp., $5.99)

    Reviewed By: Kathe Robin

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