Ashblanes Lady - Sophia James - RBY AWARD FINALIST 2008

Lady Madeleine Randwick was his hostage, and a way to get under her brother's skin. As a player in the murky game of borderland politics, Alexander Ullyot, Laird of Ashblane, should have had no compunction about using her for his own ends. He should ruin her as surely as he wanted to ruin her brother.

And instead…instead he found he was complimenting her. Was it the firelight in her hair, the soft, low tone of her voice or her stubborn streak of independence? Alex saw danger ahead. Was he falling for the woman who was his means of revenge…?



    This medieval romance stays well within the boundaries of that era. Violence, handfasting and fears of the unknown are all addressed. Although the heroine seems to be timid at first, she has a backbone of steel, and the oh-so-tough hero's heart melts when he realizes love is worth dying for. An excellent tale of love, this book is more than a romance; it pulls at the heartstrings and makes you wish the story wouldn't end.
    Lady Madeleine has been scorned, feared and despised for over a decade. Rumors of her practicing witchcraft and her many liaisons have labeled her one of the most desirable and loose woman in both Scotland and England. She doesn't care about the name-calling; her one goal is to ensure the safety of her younger sister, who masquerades as Maddy's page.

    When Alexander, the Laird of Ullyot, captures both of them, she is certain they won't live to see another day, but the scarred and still handsome laird sees beneath the mantle of her reputation. That alone would make Maddy long to heal his injuries, but when he singes her body with his brand of love, the despised lady loses her heart. (Harlequin, Feb., 304 pp., $5.50)

    Reviewed By: Faith V. Smith


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