About Sophia James

I’m a full time author now!!!
Every time I write this I am amazed that it is possible, that
dreams can come true and that the worlds I build are the
sort others might wish to read.
A dream job.
A hard job too.
I’m not a lightning quick writer. I plod. I think a lot.
Sometimes the words just pour out of me and mostly they don’t.
It’s been a long road to this destination. A degree in History and English from Auckland University, an Education Diploma, a CELTA, years of classroom teaching and fitting in the writing when I could between dinners and children and house rennovations...
But I kept going and now I get to sit on my chair in my studio above the bay with all the time in the world to imagine.


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  • It is November already and the days are getting longer and warmer in New Zealand. I have a new book coming out and it is called One Illicit Night. It is Cristo’s story and I can’t wait to see the cover art for him... silver pale hair and dark brown eyes. The book will be out in the UK and USA markets in June 2011

    I have just completed a new Medieval. It’s a dark story with hard raw characters set in the time of great change under David the Second of Scotland. Isobel is a woman trying to save her Keep and Marcus is a commander of the King who is laying siege to it. I sort of had an Angelina Jolie figure in mind when I was writing my heroine.

    I am also a judge for the Strictly Single Competition and the entries are excellent. Such a high standard they are a joy to read.

    A couple of lovely compliments came my way this month. On the world wide webinar the senior editors of each line were asked to talk about the special features of their line and name authors who best represented the direction of their line. Linda Fildew mentioned me as a good Regency read on this score. ;)

    I was also asked to take a part in a Christmas anthology for Harlequin Historical for 2011 so am turning ideas over in my head.

    Another neat thing I have done this month is write a Regency Undone...a hot little read of 12,000 words. It has been good for me to write things outside my normal word length, makes another part of the brain think.

    And now the run-up to Christmas. I always say I will shop early but I never do so get caught up in the rush of people and traffic.

  • Wow!!!

    I won a RBY at the Romance Writers of Australia Conference 2010 Awards dinner in Sydney for Mistletoe Magic, my Christmas book.

    I was up after midnight twittering to see how the awards were progressing and suddenly there was my name.

    Winner of the RBY in the Long Romance section—Sophia James

    Peter was in bed next to me and I showed him the screen and said ‘Does that say my name?’

    When he said yes I started to scream and shout, waking up everyone in our house and in the neighbouring ones probably too. Remember by now it is about 12.30 am.

    Then Frances Housden and Jane Beckenham rang and my 5DI pod were texting as well!!!

    I emailed my editor Linda Fildew and then roamed downstairs like a happy ghost for the remainder of the night thinking I should be cracking open pink champagne but settling for a hot milo instead.

    Outside everything was dark except for another insomniac far across the bay.

    I collected the trophy yesterday and it’s sitting beside my computer...its little cut glass face blushing in the light and I still just can’t believe how lucky I was. I keep singing that song to myself... ‘lucky, lucky me!’

    Sam, my son, took these pictures of me with my trophy and certificate in my pyjamas late on Monday night when my RBY came home. Yay.

    Today(Wednesday) a lovely bunch of flowers arrived from Harlequin and I have so many messages of congrats from everyone. The romance community is so supportive of anyone’s good news.

    One of the other great things is that my friend Alli Withers won the Emerald so it felt like a double treat.

  • (I was asked to be a mentor at the Inaugural 5 Day Intensive in Brisbane from the 9th to the 16th July 2010.)
    Have just returned from the most amazing experience of mentoring the Historical/Mainstream pod at the 5Di in Brisbane.
    So intense... Pushing my mentoring and teaching boundaries to the limit was exhilerating and lying there listening to every one of my 8 authors reading their revised work out aloud was magical. I loved the challenge of it all... and the triumphs.
    Now I just miss my little pod!!!

  • 2010 has been a busy year for me!! I finally took the plunge and
    became a full time writer and am loving it. No sooner had I resigned
    from my teaching post I discovered I was a finalist in the R*BY 2010
    with my Christmas story Mistletoe Magic...how great was that timing?
    Then my son Sam said I needed a website and, voila, here it is, and I
    am so excited to finally have a web presence and a contact place after
    all these years.
    The inaugural Romance Writers of Australia 5DI 2010 is taking up a
    lot of my hours of late. I was so honoured to be asked to be a mentor
    for the Historical/Mainstream pod, especially as it is in the illustrious
    company of Fiona Brand and Lillian Darcy, the other mentors. I fly out
    to Brisbane on the 9th July and I am really looking forward to the whole
    Writing wise I am in the middle of a new Scottish Medieval which has
    a deadline for November. It’s great to be back in the 14th century again
    and have the harsh rawness of that time reflected in the characters.
    The third book in my Wellingham series should be out around the end
    of 2010. Cristo is a dark, dangerous and lonely character living in a
    Chateau in Paris. The second brother, Taris’ story hits the USA in
    August and the cover they have chosen for it is wonderful. Check it out
    on the site!
    I have just returned from a sojourn to France with my husband and
    found a map of Paris circa 1640 in a paper mill in Provence which I have
    pinned to the wall of my writing study.
    Looking forward to reading Jo Bourne’s new book which I hear is

  • My Website sophiajames.net is finally up and running - I Will be updating my blog regularly so please keep checking back for more.

New Book Coming Soon - Get A Sneak Preview

One Illicit Night is coming 23rd May 2011

One Illicit Night is coming 23rd May 2011. As the third brother in the Wellingham series Cristo is a dark, dangerous and lonely character. When Lady Eleanor Bracewell-Lowen is deposited without clothes on his bed in a Paris Chateau his whole world changes...

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