Mistletoe Magic - Sophia James - RBY AWARD WINNER 2010

A paragon of virtue, Miss Lillian Davenport has an unrivaled reputation. So why has she offered to pay dangerous American, Lucas Clairmont, for a single kiss?

Lucas refuses to be molded by society and often walks on the wrong side of right, but Lillian's pure goodness and pale, correct life fascinate him. He senses that beneath the manners there's a woman of rare sensuality.

For Lillian, buying a kiss from Lucas has released a wildness within. Her ordered, virtuous world may never be the same again..


    Putting a hero bent on revenge and the "perfect" lady together is a recipe for conflict. Add the warmth of the holiday season, delightful children, pride, passion and a ruthless villain, and you have James' heartwarming, fast-paced holiday romance.
    Mothers wish their daughters could be paragons of virtue like Lillian Davenport. She has turned away every suitor, hoping for someone who loves her, not her wealth. Virginia planter Lucas Clairmont arrives in London bent on revenge against Daniel Davenport, the man who destroyed his loved ones. At first he sees Lillian as a means to his ends, but perhaps she's the means to his salvation.

    From the instant they meet, Lillian is drawn to Luc, despite the rumor of his past and his disgraceful behavior. She defends him when others malign him. But the good girl cannot marry a bad boy until Luc compromises her by kissing her hand in front of the ton. Then he disappears, seemingly abandoning her to society's scorn. Instead, Luc has been shanghaied, and after escaping, he returns to marry Lillian and exact his vengeance. Is there enough magic in
    the holiday spirit to help Lillian save
    Luc before all is lost? (HARLEQUIN, Dec.,
    300 pp., $5.99)

    Reviewed By: Kathe Robin

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