Masquerading Mistress - Sophia James


The war-scarred Thornton Lindsay, Duke of Penborne, can scarcely believe the news when a beautiful stranger comes to London proclaiming to be his lover.


Caroline Anstretton is on the run and desperate. Her gamble that the reclusive duke won't leave the sanctuary of his home is lost when he coolly confronts her.


Courtesan or charlatan, this mysterious, sensual woman intrigues Thorn. There's a vulnerability beneath her smile and easy laughter. Could she be the one to mend a life he'd thought damaged beyond repair?


    Bold and tantalizing, plotted like a mystery and slowly exposing each layer of the multidimensional plot and every character's motivations, James' novel is a page-turner.
    Caroline St. Clair had no idea there would be repercussions from her bold declaration that she'd been the lover of battle-scarred recluse Lord Thornton Lindsay.

    When he learns of the rumors, Thorn moves to expose the duplicitous miss, but instead he ends up offering her a fortune for one night in his bed. They meet again when Caroline is caught stealing a locket, and once more in the countryside, where she begins a new life as a widowed mother and local portrait artist. When Thorn has another opportunity to reclaim Caroline, events from the past collide with the present, and their future is put in danger. (Harlequin, Dec., 350 pp., $5.99)

    Reviewed By: Kathe Robin

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